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#601 : Le Retour de Red

Titre original: The Kids Are Alright 
Réalisé par: David Trainer
Écrit par: Jeff et Jackie Filgo 
Guests: Christina Moore (Laurie Forman), Bob Morrisey (le docteur), Estella Warren (Raquel), Michele Nordin (Heather) et Chancellor Miller (le petit garçon) 
Date de diffusion: 29 octobre 2003

Red revient de l'hôpital avec un avis du médecin; il ne doit pas travailler pendant trois mois. Hyde et Kelso demandent à Jackie de choisir entre eux au plus vite. Laurie revient de sa Lune de miel, qu'elle aurait normalement dû passer avec Fez.


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(Donna’s Bedroom: Donna sleeping in her bed [morning] the camera view is up, so it is like one is looking down on her, as the camera moves out we see Eric asleep next to her in his underwear and no blanket, Donna has it all, as he is curled up asleep)


(Eric shivering in sleep, Donna wakes up)


Eric: (asleep) So. . . cold . . .can’t . . . (turns back towards Donna) use the force
Donna: (smiling) Eric (taps his waist)
Eric: (waking up) Leia? (turns to look at Donna/disappointed) Oh, Hi


(Eric grabs some of the blanket from Donna to cover himself)


Donna: Were you like that all night?
Eric: No, no (arm around Donna/lying down) from 1 to 4 I was whimpering because your knee was In my back, yeah, we get to Madison next week . . . Were getting’ a bigger bed
Donna: Eric, my knee was in your back because you were trying to hump me in your sleep (Eric laughs)
Eric: No, I wasn’t asleep


(They both laugh as Eric kisses her and gets up)



Eric: I gotta go, my folks come home from the hospital, today


(pounding on door)


Bob’s voice: Donna, what’s going on in there?!


(Donna quickly gets out of bed as Eric tries to do the same but accidentally jumps on the floor)


Donna: (picks pajama shirt from floor) Um, just a minute, dad


(Donna hands the shirt to Eric as he jumps over the bed to grab it and realizes it‘s Donna‘s as she is opening the closet door)


Eric: This is yours!
Donna: No, time!


(Eric, with the shirt, quickly runs in the closet as she closes it)


Bob’s voice: I’m coming in!


(Donna quickly runs to stand by the door and puts her hands behind her back to try and look innocent as Bob quickly comes in)


Donna: Hi, daddy
Bob: I heard voices
Donna: Oh, that was me, you know greeting this beautiful morning
Bob: (not convinced) Uh-huh


(Bob walks over to the closet and opens it to see that Eric is standing there wearing the  pajama top that Donna gave him, still in his underwear)



Bob: Get out (motions for him to step out of closet) May I ask why you’re wearing my daughters blouse?
Eric: I thought you’d be mad if I was nude (shrugs)
Bob: (looks in closet) Oh, what the hell?!


(Bob reaches in the closet to pull out Fez who had been in there the whole time)


Eric: Fez?
Donna: (shocked/disgusted) Oh, my God! Did you see anything
Fez: (mad) Not, much you should really think about a night light


(Eric and Donna turn away as Fez exit’s the door)

(Forman kitchen: Hyde sitting at table eating cereal , in usual chair, while Kelso [wearing a jogging suit and headband] is by the counter cracking two eggs and putting them in a cup as he throws the egg shells behind him)


Kelso: Yeah, it’s a sweatband, I’m wearing sweatbands now


(Kelso cracks the second egg and throws it behind him as well)


Hyde: What are you doing?
Kelso: Well (shakes cup) police academy starts in a week so I gotta get in shape . . . So I’m eating raw egg’s, like Rocky (looks in cup)
Hyde: Kelso? Rocky, ate raw eggs ‘cause he was training for a fight, if he was training to be a cop he’d just flunk out a high school and grow a bad mustache
Kelso: Oh, I’m growing the bad mustache (laughs)


(Eric walks in still wearing Donna’s shirt and in his underwear as Fez walks behind him)


Kelso: (looks at Eric) Ooh! Forman, just because there’s a sale at Penny’s doesn’t mean you gotta buy everything (laughs)


(Eric just raises his hands and motions them as if to say “keep ‘em coming” as he stands near table with Fez next to him)


Hyde: Hey, Fez, your suppose to bring your date home and then take her pants off


(Eric walks over to sink where there is a hamper with laundry)


Eric: Fellas, I’m afraid your little jokes don’t bother (Fez sits on stool) me because soon I will be starting my new life in Madison, where if I so choose I can wear ladies cloths all I want
Fez:(intrigued) Really? Where is this Madison?


(Eric stops looking in the hamper and looks at Fez as Fez looks at him uncomfortably and then looks at Hyde, who looks at him serious)


Fez: So I can go there and kick their dress-wearing asses (scoffs)(Kelso gives Fez a weird look) Guys come on. I’m all man, I’m married to Eric’s slutty sister


(Eric has pants in his hands and begins to put them on as Kelso goes to sit at the table with Hyde, in Kitty’s usual seat)


Kelso: Yeah, how’s that going?
Fez: Oh, not great (stands to stand between Hyde and Kelso) but I’m pretty sure when Laurie gets back from our honeymoon  in Cancun, things will pick up


(Hyde and Kelso look up from there cereal and eggs)


Hyde: Laurie went on your honeymoon alone?
Fez: Oh, no that would be crazy (laughs) she took her friend, Carlos, along to keep an eye on her . . . But I paid for both of them so everyone knows who the man is in this deal


(Jackie enters in blue bathing suit, form living room door and walks over to the table, as Eric begins putting on his shirt)


Jackie: Hellos, Boys, it is me, the object of your desire (Kelso looking at her bathing suit)
Hyde:(mouthful/looking down) So, Jackie (looks up) you choose between me and Kelso, yet
Jackie: I’m on my way to the pool right now to think about it, rest assured, when I’m in my most delicious shade of cocoa brown, you will have your answers
Kelso: Well (sighs/stands) this might tip the scales, I’m not wearing anything underneath my tracksuit
Hyde: This is stupid, all right, I’m outta here


(Hyde stands to put bowl on counter by stool, Fez is sitting there again)


Kelso: Hey, Jackie you want to see something hot, watch me drink raw eggs
Jackie: (warningly) Oh, M-Michael--
Kelso: Jackie, hold on I’m drinking my eggs
Jackie:(warningly) No, Michael--
Kelso: Jackie, whatever it is I’m sure it can wait until after I drink my eggs!
Jackie: Fine


(Kelso drinks the eggs from his cup and takes something out of his tongue as Hyde, by the counter is smiling and Jackie says ‘mm’)


Kelso: Now, what is so important?
Jackie: You’re allergic to eggs!
Kelso: (laughing) Oh, man, I am (laughing)
Jackie: Yeah
Kelso: Yeah, I gotta go (points thumb to sliding door) to the hospital (smiles and exits sliding door)
Eric: That’s okay, I’ll drive. I gotta pick up my folks anyway. So, uh, Hyde? Your competition for Jackie is, uh, . . . .(glances at Jackie) egg boy (laughs)


(Eric exits sliding door as Hyde leans by the exit)


Fez:(stands) Ooh, that must be so humiliating (crosses arms)
Hyde: Fez, your wife’s on your honeymoon with another guy (pats Fez)
Fez: Oh, no, no, no Carlos is just like a, he’s kinda like a-like a chaperone, he, uh,  . . . .(pauses to realize/angry) Son of a BITCH!


(Hyde exits sliding door as Fez stands there hands on hips, mad)




(Vista Cruiser: Driving to hospital, Eric behind wheel, Hyde, shot gun, and Kelso is lying down on the back so he is not visible yet)


Eric: How you doin’ back there, Kels? (he left the O out)


(Kelso sits up only to reveal that his face looks really swollen and his eyes look slightly shut but Hyde and Eric don‘t notice him)


Kelso: My eyes fell tight, do I look okay?


(Hyde and Eric turn around)


(At same time/scared)

Eric: Oh, my God!
Hyde: Holy crap!
Kelso:(scared) What!
Eric: Nothing, we’re just shocked at how . . . (Hyde looks once more)(lying) Great . . . you look
Kelso: Oh, it’s the sweatband (points) I’m wearing sweatbands now


(Both Eric and Hyde turned back around still in shock)

(Hospital: Doctor walking to the waiting room as Kitty, Red and Eric follow)


Red: Come on, Kitty, lets get the hell out of this weird place . . . I think some of these nurses are stealing drugs


(Kitty looks at Doctor who looks at them both)


Kitty: Red, I am a nurse here (laughing to Doctor)
Red: I stand by my statement
Doctor: Okay, Mr. Forman just to be clear, no going to work, no chores, no driving for three months and lets not forget the root cause of the problem
Eric: To much rage, right? (points) Yeah, so he probably shouldn’t, like . . . Yell at anyone, anymore right?
Doctor: Actually, the reason he ran into trouble is he was holding stuff in


(Red looks at Eric, enjoying the answer)


Eric: (worried) He was holding stuff in. Okay, I weigh 42 pounds ‘cause of what he let out and I’m sorry your telling me that, uh, (hand on heart/high voice) there’s more in there (points to Red)
Kitty: Ha, ha,  no, no, no Ha, ha (puts her arms on Red and Eric’s shoulders) He does not weigh 42 pounds (laughs) and these two are the best of buddies (to Red) “Hey, Dad wanna go fishing?”(to Eric/low voice) “Sure, son, let’s hug” (laughs) that’s what it’s like at our house (laughs)
Red: (to Doctor) See what I mean about the drugs
Doctor: What you need to do is focus on things that make you happy
Eric: Okaaaay, . . . But . . .  I don’t know were we’re gonna find a boat load of dead commies


(Red raises his eyebrows at Eric as Kelso comes in a wheelchair, he still looks really swollen, with Hyde pushing him, stop closely to where the rest of the group is)


Kelso: They gave me four shots, none in the arm


(Cute nurse walks by Kelso)


Kelso: (stands/flirty) Hey, pretty lady you like what you see


(Nurse turns and looks at him in disgust and walks away)




(Swimming pool: Jackie is sitting in a table with Donna, they both have drinks)


Donna: Jackie, when are you gonna decide between Kelso and Hyde?
Jackie: (smiles) I already have
Donna: (smiles/surprised) What?
Jackie: Yeah (laughs)


(A boy comes running in as a ball, it belongs to him, comes rolling by Donnas leg as she politely leans down to get it for him)


Donna: Oh, here you go little boy


(As Donna obliviously give the ball back to the boy he looks down her bathing suit top and smiles, running to exit)


Donna: (continues) So, who’d you pick?!
Jackie: Well . . .

(Before Jackie can respond she looks over at the boy, who has come back, and another boy accompanies him this time, a friend, as the first boy puts the ball by Donna’s feet, Donna notices the ball and picks it up for him, again)


Donna: (oblivious) Wow, this ball must be hard to catch, huh? (smiles)


(The two boys look in her bathing suit top and smile as they take the ball and run to exit in the same direction)


Jackie: (smiling) I chose Steven, and I’m gonna tell him today (Donna looks at her) I cannot wait to see the look on his face (gasps/excited) Oh, my God! What if he cries?
Donna: (thinks) Yeah, that’s not gonna happen
Jackie: (mad) Oh, I’ll make him cry, you watch and see


(The boy and his friend return with three other boys as the first boy throws the ball by Donna’s chair once again, Donna leans down, oblivious, to pick it up and as she looks up to give the boy the ball back, she notices all the kids looking at her)


Donna: (to first boy) Hey, what are you--(she looks down at her bathing suit top)(holds him by arm/mad) You get a good look you little perv
Boy #1: (takes ball) She touched me and it was awesome!


(The boys leave running as Jackie looks at the situation, laughing, Donna turns around shocked and covering her hands across her chest)




(Forman Kitchen: Eric, Kitty and Red enter through sliding door)


Kitty: Now, get you, (closes sliding door) upstairs for your nap, (pushing Red to living room exit) and Eric he needs quiet, so no shenanigans


(Eric standing in front of living room door, arms crossed, Red and Kitty stop in front of him)


Eric: (sarcastic) Mom, please, I haven’t Shenaniganed  in about six years . . . (Red looks at him) I’ve hooliganed, I’ve no-good nicked, I’ve ne’er done well, just yesterday I caught myself rabble Rousing --
Red: (angry) Will you SHUT UP! (Eric laughs)


(Red exit’s the kitchen to living room as Kitty and Eric walk behind him only to see that Fez is standing by the couch holding a balloon and flowers)


Fez: Welcome home, Dad!


(Red stands in front of Fez, by couch mad, Kitty behind Red and Eric behind Red’s usual couch rolling his head as if to say ‘oh no’)


Red: YOU! You got a lot of nerve . . . Showing your face around here after what you did to my daughter (gets in Fez’s face)
Fez: (mad) Hey, I did you a favor that girls been passed around this town--


(Kitty running to Fez, Eric and Kitty/shouting at same time)



(Eric stands next to Red, who is mad, as Kitty takes a hold of Fez so that he can look at her eye to eye)


Kitty: Okay, You have already given him one heart attack . . . That’s enough, now hush


(Kitty sits Fez down, he looks mad, with his balloon and flowers)


Eric: Hey, look buddy, rasionettes (goes to table to hand Fez candy)
Fez: (happy) Mmmm (looks at Kitty and Eric)
Kitty: (smiles)(Eric shakes his head) Okay, okay, nap time oh, and Eric, your father has a check up next week so I need you to take him
Eric: Mom, (scoffs) I have to register for college, remember? This- I’m not gonna be here I’m moving away
Kitty: Oh, so your still going?
Eric:(chuckles) Yes, I’m still going, to college
Kitty: Fine (shakes head)
Eric: Mom, I gotta get outta here
Red: Oh, Kitty let him go, odds are he’s not gonna amount to anything and I don’t want him blaming me
Eric:(smiles) See, that is exactly the kind of thing that I have to get away from
Kitty: Fine--
Eric: --Great--
Eric: --Fine 
Red:(in pain/holds chest) Oh, my heart Iiiiiiiiii---


(Kitty and Red both run to attend Red)


(At same time)

Kitty: Red, Red, Red
Eric: Dad!
Red: --Iiiiii (normal/smiling) just thought I’d break the tension (walking up stairs) that’s gonna come in handy
Kitty: (following) Okay, no more fake heart attacks (Red exits) Next time you clench your chest you’d better see some a bright light and some dead relatives


(Kitty exits up the stairs, Laurie enters thought the front door holding a suit case, Fez is sitting on couch and Eric stands on right of couch)


Laurie: (Fez stands) Hey little brother, (puts suit case down/to Fez) Hey, hubby
Fez: Don’t “hubby” me, I’m mad at you
Laurie: (smacks lips) Aw, but I brought you a souvenir


(Laurie grabs from her purse a shot glass and gives it to Fez)


Eric: Oh, look Fez, a genuine Cancun shot glass still sticky with tequila (Laurie glares at him)
Fez: (touched/shy) Aaw, you shouldn’t have
Laurie: (smiles)No biggie (walking away/not caring) some guy left it in my room


(Laurie exits to Kitchen, Eric stands there with arms folded as Fez smiles and smells the shot glass)




(Eric’s basement: Hyde looking at record player by door as Jackie enters through the door)


Jackie: Okay . . . Steven (Hyde looks at her) I’m here to tell you, I’ve made my decision . . . I choose you (smiles)


(Jackie wraps her arms around Hyde to kiss him as he willingly does holding her hair with his hand)


Jackie: (pulls back/touches lips) Wow
Hyde:(smiles) Yeah, I’m a good kisser
Jackie: Mm-hmm (shakes head)
Hyde: Here’s your gum back
Jackie: Oh


(Hyde takes gum out of his mouth and puts it in Jackie’s mouth, eww!)


Jackie: Oh, Steven, I missed you so much


(Jackie and Hyde start to Kiss as he holds her face and moves back to sit on the arm of the couch and the door opens and a girl in a leather jacket is standing there)

Raquel:Hyde, you ready
Hyde: (Jackie turns around)Yeah, lets hit it
Jackie: Whoa! Whoa! (Hyde walks to Raquel) Who is this?
Hyde: This is my date (puts arms around Raquel) you didn’t think I was gonna wait around for you all summer, did you?
Raquel: (In Hyde’s ear) Looks like you traded up
Jackie:(to Raquel) Oh, you better back off
Raquel: Back off or what?
Jackie: (scoffs) I’ll call your parents
Raquel: My parents don’t speak midget
Jackie: (mad) Oh!
Hyde: Okay, okay, I hate myself for stopping a girl fight, let’s just-- Ah, screw it, Go! Go! (motions his hands for them to start fighting)
Jackie: All right, Steven (holds his hand) you made your point (pulling Hyde by shirt towards her) now . . . Please, stay here with me
Hyde: I’m sorry but I got plans. Hey, maybe you should go work on you tan


(Hyde exits through door as Raquel goes to follow)


Jackie:(to Raquel) Skank!



(Raquel turns around, mad, to look at Jackie who quickly crosses her arms to try and look a little tough as Raquel moves her body a little forward quickly to scare Jackie, which it does)


Jackie: Aaah!


(As Jackie screams she runs to exit the basement, upstairs)




(Forman Kitchen: Eric eating bacon at table, usual chair, Red in usual chair, and Kitty with plate in hand walks from counter to table)


Kitty:(to Red) Okay, here you go (puts plate down in front of Red) egg whites only, no yolks they’re bad for you
Red:(looks at plate/then Kitty) But the yellow part is the baby bird (Kitty looks at him) that’s the part I wanna eat
Kitty: Sorry . . . too much cholesterol, which also means no bacon just good old heart-healthy Ham (smiles)


(Red looks at her disappointed as Kitty walks back to counter, Eric still eats his bacon)


Eric: Mmmm! Bacon, Ah, this is so good (bites bacon) and is (closes eyes) so much better than ham
Kitty:(bringing plate to Eric) And for you, my famous chocolate chip (sways left and Right to each word) Carmel whipped cream pancakes (smiles)(sits in usual chair)
Eric: (upset) Mom (puts bacon on plate) your not gonna bribe me into staying home from school with super sweet breakfast food (looks at plate/more upset) Where are my sprinkles?
Kitty: No, no the pancakes are an apology, I overreacted before of course you have to go to school
Eric: So that’s it? It’s- no guilt?
Kitty: That’s right (shakes head)
Red: What a nice, warm family moment , lets celebrate . . . With bacon


(Red goes to grab a piece of bacon as kitty slaps his hand away from plate and Eric picks up his piece of bacon from plate)


Eric: Mmm! Bacon




(The Hub: At a table, Kelso left, Hyde right, as Jackie enters)


Jackie: Steven, how could you go out with another girl when I chose you?
Hyde: Jackie, when I said choose between me and Kelso, I meant choose me, right then, making me sit around and wait it out is immature
Jackie: I want what I want when I want it, what is so immature about that
Hyde: Forget it, Jackie, maybe your just not my type


(Hyde exits as Jackie takes his chair)


Kelso: Whoa!, that was rough, even I’ve had a better day then you and my head swelled up to five times it’s normal size


(Jackie looks at him weird)




(Eric’s basement: Donna on left of couch, Eric on right as he holds a magazine with his other arm around Donna)


Eric: Oh, my God, Donna? Madison has a course called The Social Significance  . . . Of Jedi Culture


(Eric puts arms up in the air with his mouth open as Donna, looks annoyed, Kitty comes running down the stairs in her nurses uniform holding a hamper going to the washer and dryer to take out and put a load)


Eric: Mom, what- why are you doing laundry? (looks at watch) It’s almost midnight
Kitty: Well, with your dad not working, I had to pick up a double shift at the hospital this is the only time I have to do it
Eric:(closes magazine/upset) Okay, don’t do this
Kitty:(holding hamper) Do what?
Eric:Come down here in the middle of the night, doing laundry, looking like hell--
Kitty:(insulted) --Oh, excuse me
Kitty: No, I--(stands) I’m just saying, your trying to make me feel guilty for leaving and it’s not gonna work . . . I can’t stay here, okay? I have to go off and live my life. I disserve that (voice squeaks) Mom, I disserve a chance
Kitty: Okay, okay, no need to use your squeaky voice (Eric looks away) I understand that you have to leave, I have bigger things to worry about then making you feel guilty


(Kitty runs up the stairs as Eric stays standing there, mad)


Donna: Eric, if you feel like you need to stay, I mean, we can talk about . . .
Eric: (quick) No, no (sits) We’re leaving next week (sighs) and that’s final


(Donna mumbles ‘okay’ as Red enters though the door with a  plate full of bacon as he stands next to the couch and starts to eat it as Donna and Eric stare at him)


Red: Yeah, it’s bacon and I don’t care if you tell your mother . . . She doesn’t scare me
Kitty’s Voice: Eric (Red throws bacon on Eric’s lap/exits) I almost forgot! . . .


(Eric grabs the bacon and picks it up as Donna looks at him, smiling)

(The Hub: At usual table, Kelso sitting on the couch seat, Jackie left of him)


Jackie: How could Steven say I’m not his type? I’m everybody’s type, that’s my thing
Kelso: Well, (clears throat) at least you don’t have to worry about me chasing after you anymore. I mean, most of the stuff you and Hyde use to argue about I didn’t even understand which makes me think you’ve become a complicated woman and I don’t want none of that
Jackie: So, your really okay with us just being friends
Kelso: Yeah, I release you


(Kelso cups his hands together and opens them like if he’s releasing something as Jackie looks at his hands with a weird look)


Kelso: Fly, little bird, fly, fly away!


(Kelso looks up as if something’s flying away and makes a weird sound, I guess it’s the sound of the bird flying? Jackie looks up at were the bird is suppose to be with a  weird look)


Kelso: (points up) That was you
Jackie: Michael, do you think I’m immature?
Kelso: No, your almost fully grown
Jackie: Well . . . Steven thinks so. Apparently, I’m immature and that skank in the leather jacket is what? Cool? Well I can be cool, people can change. Olivia Newton-John did it for John Travolta and that movie was totally realistic Whirlwind daydream


(Jackie enters The Hub in the same leather outfit Sandy wore in ‘Grease’ as Donna, dressed normal, walks behind her as they stop by the bathroom door, there hands oh hip. Eric, Kelso and Fez turn around [mouths open], they where watching Hyde play an arcade game, and they notice Jackie’s outfit)


Eric: WOW! (bites hand)
Kelso: YOWZA! (shakes hand as if he burned it)
Fez: (sweetly)Yummy! (smiles/rubs his stomach)


(Donna turns to look at Jackie, who stays staring at the boys, as Hyde turns away from the game and takes off his sunglasses)


Hyde: Jackie?
Jackie: Tell me about it, Steve?


(The intro to “You’re the one that I want” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John starts playing as they go to do a whole song and dance number: Hyde goes to stand in front of guys, Eric to his left, Kelso behind him, and Fez to his right, girls walk in a little more and stand side to side, girls facing one side, boys across from them. Girls move there shoulders back and all of them kneel to the floor as the girls stand up in a sexy way and the guys stand)


Hyde: [John Travolta’s voice] (singing/shaking hips) I got chills They’re multiplying (all guys shake there hips)


(The girls stand looking at them moving hips to beat of music)


Hyde: [John Travolta’s voice] (singing/jumps forward couple times with hips) and I’m losin’ control For the (all guys hold right hand up)  power (guys point to Jackie) your supplyin’ Its electrifying (holds stomach and lifts left hand up)


(Everyone but Jackie and Hyde make an “oh, my God” expression as they all go to run to the table by the door leaving Hyde on his knees looking at Jackie who stands in front of him)


Jackie: [Olivia Newton-John’s voice] You better shape up (pretends to kick Hyde as he goes back [crab position] crawling away)‘cause I need a man (dances weird, moving forward) And my heart is set on you (shakes hips/points to Hyde)


(Jackie walks away as Hyde follows behind her)


Jackie: [Olivia Newton-John’s voice] You better shape up (stops Hyde with hand) You better understand To my heart I must me true


(Jackie walks behind him and as he faces audience she feels his chest from behind)


Hyde: [John Travolta’s voice] Nothing left Nothing left for me and you



(Hyde grabs her hand pulls her away then pulls her back towards him as he holds her in front of him both dancing back and forth)


Both: [John Travolta’s voice] [Olivia Newton-John’s voice] You’re the one that I want Ooh, ooh, ohh (gang puts there fists up, then to there chest, then to there right)


(Jackie and Hyde walk over to the table as the gang moves out of the way and Jackie goes to stand on top of the table turning away from everyone)


Both: [John Travolta’s voice] [Olivia Newton-John’s voice] The one that I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, honey The one that I want Ooh, ooh, ooh, (Jackie shakes butt to Hyde) (Jackie turns around) The one I need (Jackie shakes chest) Oh, yes, indeed (Jackie jumps In Hyde’s arms as he catches her)
Hyde: (normal) Oh, Jackie, your so much cooler then that skank I was with before, please take me back. ’cause we belong together like Bop-booba-loo-ba, sha-walla, sha-bang, sha-bang


(Jackie kisses Hyde as the rest of the gang gets excited and yell out ‘Aw’)


At same time

Kelso: (feminine voice) Ah! The whole gang is back together again
Eric: (Fez kisses him on cheek) Yes, they did it


(harp dreamy music plays as Hyde and Jackie kiss and a red heart forms around them making them smaller and smaller until you see two unicorns in each side, on clouds and a rainbow)


Eric’s voice: (faint) they did it
Donna’s voice: (faint) This is so great for the whole . . .


Whirlwind dream ends


(The Hub- Jackie pouting her lips with hand under chin daydreaming  as Kelso looks at her funny)



Kelso: Are you gonna sing? (Jackie looks at him) ‘Cause I’ve heard you sing and . . . (blinks) your not gonna sing, are you?
Jackie: No, but I’m gonna get Steven back, whatever it takes and I’m gonna get me a pair of those black satin pants ‘cause I look good in those (smiles)


(Kelso looks at her as if to say ‘okay, sure’ as Jackie keeps on daydreaming)




(Eric’s basement: Kitty asleep on couch, folded laundry on table, as she’s holding cloths wearing her nurse uniform with hamper beside her as Eric and Donna enter to stand by couch)


Eric: Mom? (touches Kitty’s leg)
Kitty : (half asleep) Fabric softener! (stands) I’m up! (looking around at cloths)
Donna: (worried) Mrs. Forman, are you okay?
Kitty: Oh, sure (looks at watch) Oh, God, I’m late for work


(Kitty starts putting cloths in hamper)


Eric: Your working tonight?
Kitty: (holding hamper) Well, honey, nights can be our busiest time. Lots of people stroke out after a big salty dinner
Eric: But you worked all day
Kitty: (breathless/hands Eric hamper) I know Okay, there’s food in the-- Oh, who am I kidding there’s no food


(Kitty runs up the stairs to exit as Eric puts the hamper on the washing machine and just stands there holding and looking at it)



Eric: (upset) They can’t do this to me, they cannot (sighs) do this to me I gotta get outta here, (moving to Donna) of all the people in history of the world that have ever had to get anywhere (yells) It is me HAVING TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! I have to go! . . . (Donna looks at him)(quietly) I have to stay (sits on couch) Donna, I’m sorry
Donna:(sincerely) Sorry? Eric, I think its amazing (sits to his right) that you’d do that for your family (kisses Eric) and you know we’ll see each other on the weekend’s
Eric: Oh, so your still going?
Donna: Yeah, I mean . . . (thinks) yeah
Eric: Yeah . . . No, of course
Donna: Oh, come on (laughs) I think I have something that might make you feel better? (kisses Eric again)
Eric: Hey, um . . . Can we just like . . . Could we just sit for a while
Donna: Yeah, sure


(Eric and Donna get more comfortable on the couch as he puts his arm around her and they just sit thinking and he rubs Donnas arm. Fez, who was hiding in the shower, comes out holding a piece of bacon, he looks mad but Donna and Eric don‘t notice him till he speaks)


Fez: Sit for a while? (Eric and Donna quickly turn around) If I hadn’t found this (holds up bacon) bacon I’d be really pissed of


(Fez takes a bite of the bacon and goes to exit through door, as Donna laughs and Eric raises his eyebrow)




(The Hub: At a table: Raquel to the left, Donna to her right, and on left side looking at them are Eric, sitting backwards in chair and Hyde next to him, both observing Donna and Raquel)


Raquel: (to Donna) I mean,  just because I don’t wear dresses . . . And, I know how to fix a car, doesn’t mean I don’t like to be told I’m pretty
Donna: Wow, it’s like I’m reading my own journal (shakes head) . . . I think your pretty (smiles) I think your really pretty
Raquel: (smiles) I think your pretty


(Raquel laughs as she playfully touches Donna’s shoulder as Donna laughs and holds her arm out as if to stay “oh, stop it“ )


Donna: (giggles/playful) Stop!


(Eric has his eyes open, Hyde with a smile on his face)


Eric: (to Hyde) Is this really happening
Hyde:(looking at Donna and Raquel/smiling) Shh! You’ll break the spell

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